Cheap Oil Changes?

Best Oil Change Prices London OntarioCheap oil changes are often just that. Do you really want to take a chance with your vehicle and risk damage?

Sam’s Auto Service offers a great price on oil changes ($29.99) but Sam’s lubes include a brake check and a suspension check for free.

How can you beat that? Do you realize that brakes and suspension are some of the most important safety related systems in your vehicle?

Sam will check your car and offer free advice if anything needs attention. Trust your car to Sam.
Call Sam’s Auto Service for your next oil change.

Detailed Information About Oil Changes and Vehicle Maintenance

Cars whose owners change the oil on a regular basis are winners when it comes to long vehicle life. Properly maintained engines and clean air emissions systems are reportedly more fuel efficient. Owners report that they last longer and demand better prices when it is time to sell.

Check out the maintenance recommendations in your vehicle’s owners manual. Sam will change the air filter as recommended and will also do a tire check-up. Owners should also check tire pressure between scheduled maintenance sessions.

If you become aware of unusual sounds or you notice an obvious change in your vehicle’s performance, bring it over to Sam’s Auto Service right away. He will check it over promptly and let you know what is happening with your vehicle’s systems.

Let Sam keep your car running at it’s optimum by scheduling a tune-up. The fuel efficiency of your vehicle will likely improve and owners have actually reported as much as 6 percent improvement of fuel efficiency. The price you pay for the tune-up will likely be more than saved in your fuel consumption.

Always keep your brakes maintained. Don’t take chances with this important element of your vehicle.  Being able to stop quickly could be the difference between being in a motor vehicle collision or safely continuing on your way. Don’t take chances. Have Sam check your brakes as soon as possible.

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