Car Insurance tips for drivers in London Ontario

Car insurance can really be a great thing if you ever have a fender bender or even something a little bigger.

Generally, car insurance companies are fair and they want you to have a good experience any time you have to deal with them.
Obviously, some of us don’t enjoy making the payments, but I think we can appreciate the fact that an insurance company can really help us out of a tough situation once in a while.

Here are some tips when looking for a car insurance company:

When comparing prices, be sure to compare full year to full year and ask about added costs of paying by the month

What discounts does the insurance company offer?

Can you reach them on the phone?

Check out their website – is it user friendly?

Ask some of your friends or co-workers what insurance company they recommend

Check out some of their reviews on-line

Remember that the lowest price might not be the best choice for your needs

These are just some of my ideas, if you have some to add, please let us know.

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Do I need a car emergency kit and what would be in it?

The other day I was talking about my car emergency kit and a friend wondered if it was really an important thing to have. After thinking about it for a while I came up with a few reasons why I think it is a good idea to have a car emergency kit, even if you don’t drive that much.

For one thing, insurance companies recommend this. I was reading one of the brochures they included with my insurance papers, and they highly recommend having an emergency kit in the car.

You never know when you might be driving late at night or even in pounding rain or a snow storm. If you suddenly had car problems, think about how you would feel. I know I would not be feeling too great right about then. That reminds me, what if you just start feeling ill, and you don’t feel well enough to drive. You likely have your cell phone with you, but what if it is dead or you can’t get a signal. These are some of the reasons I think you should have some emergency supplies.

Here are some things that you should include:

road flares

first aid kit with bandages, aspirins, tape etc.

a rescue tool in case you have to break a window, cut a seat belt

an emergency foil blanket

a snack like a granola bar

a call-police sign

jumper cables


fire extinguisher


a light with a flashing strobe for notifying other drivers of problems

pliers & screwdriver with various heads

I know what I would put in my car emergency kit, but let me know what you think. Leave me a reply or send a quick email.

See you next time.

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Tune-Up your car with great prices and awesome service

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